Take control of your network

Strikt makes guarding your IoT devices a breeze, so you can rest easy knowing your digital world is secure.

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Protection for Everything

Traditional cybersecurity platforms are built for a specific system, such as a computer or smartphone, leaving other systems unprotected. Our solution integrates with your network, ensuring there are no weak links to target.


Install strikt on a computer in the network you want to monitor.


All inbound and outbound connections from all devices will be evaluated by our risk assessment suite.


The user will be notified of any suspicious activity along with a thorough threat assessment and suggested actions.

Elevating Network Security

All of strikt's features are crafted to ensure your network not only stays secure but thrives in its optimal state.

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Protection for All Devices

Monitors and protects all devices in the network, including IoT.

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Network Monitoring

Real-time insights and overview of your entire network.

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Effortless Setup

Designed to be installed and configured in minutes, not days.

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Customizable Thresholds

Tailor your settings to match the unique demands of your network.

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Automated Alerts

Be informed of issues with instant, configurable alerts.

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Access from Anywhere

Check the status of your network from anywhere with our web app.

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